Hyper Scape Will Officially Release Next Month

Hyper Scape Will Officially Release Next Month

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We now know when to expect Hyper Scape to officially release.

It was announced on the Ubisoft website that Hyper Scape will officially release on August 11th. The launch will also be start of Season One, which is entitled "The First Principle." Season One will add a new gun, the Dragonfly, and a new hack, Magnet. This makes for a total of 11 weapons and 11 hacks, which can be made increasingly more powerful as they are fused. The First Principle will also introduce new limited-time game modes, a new in-game Melee event that makes all melee attacks instantly lethal, and both a free and premium 100-tier Battle Pass. 

Hyper Scape's open beta on PC will end on August 2nd. Through cross-progression, any items unlocked, whether it be through the in-game shop or the current 30-tier Battle Pass, will carry over to the console version when it launches. Through the Crowncast Twitch extension, players can progress their Battle Pass by watching Twitch streams, even if they never played the game on PC. Players will get any rewards they have earned by watching Twitch streams when they sign in to Hyper Scape on console for the first time. Crowncast will gain a new feature in Season One: the Kudos feature. This will allow viewers to react to exciting moments in chat by using Bits to generate a visual effect that appears in a streamer's game. 

As Hyper Scape's beta comes to an end, Ubisoft would like to thank players by giving them the opportunity to earn 600 Bitcrowns, the game's premium in-game currency. All players have to do is play the game or watch a Crowncast-enabled Twitch stream for an hour before the beta ends. 

Hyper Scape will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 11th. The game will be free-to-play. 

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