Call of Duty Warzone Now Has a Mysterious Missile Approaching the Map

Call of Duty Warzone Now Has a Mysterious Missile Approaching the Map

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Players in Call of Duty Warzone are today waking up to a new mysterious object in the sky: a missile. Its destination: unknown.

The missile was first spotted by players in the Warzone subreddit. Player theories are numerous, but the early favorite for the missile's landing spot is the Stadium region of the map. Since its launch in March, the Stadium has been a much maligned portion of Warzone where players could run around the large circumference of the building, but never into or through it. 

Recent rumors have indicated that's soon to change, and the game's official Twitter has even teased it recently. Could the Stadium open its doors by way of a missile strike? It seems possible, though there's also a lot going on on the map at any given time, what with its secretive bunkers and build-up to what seems like the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War reveal.

The missile is extremely slow-moving, and Season 5 isn't scheduled to kick off until next week, so it may be a while before we see what happens with this new in-game event. It's clear Warzone has been inspired by Fortnite's consistently fantastic in-game events and is trying them itself lately, finding similar impact too. There's a lot more to learn about this missile, but we wager it has something to do with Season 5, and maybe the reveal of a new Call of Duty at the same time. 

Other recent rumors say loot trains are coming to the map too, in addition to some overhauls to get the game to look more like the Black Ops world rather than the current iteration which fits into the Modern Warfare storyline. Time will tell, but for now, Call of Duty players are looking toward the skies for answers.

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