Spider-Man Is Coming to Marvel's Avengers, But Only on PlayStation

Spider-Man Is Coming to Marvel's Avengers, But Only on PlayStation

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Update: Square Enix has confirmed Spider-Man will be exclusive to PlayStation.


Original Story: As the Avengers beta gets set to begin for PS4 players this week, followed by other platforms soon after, a new report suggests Spider-Man will be coming to the game, but only for PS4 players.

A now removed retail description on Base.com for the upcoming multiplatform loot brawler previously mentioned that the webslinger would be available " exclusively on PS4." (thanks VGC). While we don't yet know whether that information is accurate - it may not have come from publisher Square Enix - it does seem to be corroborated by recent comments from the team behind the game.

Square Enix previously teased that "surprises" were in store for PlayStation players. Sony is also taking the lead on the game's marketing, so it would seem the two parties are working on something. The listing could mean one of a few things. First, it could simply be inaccurate, but if so, we'd expect Square Enix to clear it up very soon. The longer the company does not issue a correction, the more likely it is the listing was correct, at least in part.

It could also mean Spider-Man is available widely, but his Insomniac-created suit will be an exclusive cosmetic for PS4. Whether or not the character is playable only on PS4 - and presumably PS5 when the cross-gen game is ported to this fall's new consoles - the implication that it may be the same Spider-Man from Insomniac's game is an exciting one. It would signal that Marvel is building up its game universe similar to how it's so successfully built up its cinematic universe. 

Should that come true, we can rightly expect more games from the company in the future. We already know of two: Guardians of the Galaxy, also coming from Square Enix, and a Spider-Man sequel coming from Insomniac this fall. What else may Marvel have in store?

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