How to Watch the Sony State of Play for August 2020

How to Watch the Sony State of Play for August 2020

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The latest Sony State of Play is happening today, August 6, but don't expect much in the way of PS5 news. Sony has tempered expectations before they could get out of hand. The show begins at 1 pm Pacific time and you'll find it on Twitch, YouTube, or right here on OpenCritic as soon as it goes live. 

When it was revealed, the PlayStation team promised "no big PS5 announcements!" seemingly as a way to temper expectations before they got out of hand - something Nintendo fans still struggle with upon every Nintendo Direct announcement.

Instead, the blue team says viewers can look forward to a focus on upcoming PS4 and PS VR games, as well as a "few quick check-ins on third-party and indie games from June’s PS5 showcase." So will the State of Play have PS5 news? Yes, just not on things like Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, or the Demon's Souls remake. 

Many expected this to be the show that would reveal a PS5 price and release date, but it seems like Sony is still actively playing chicken with an all too willing Microsoft to see who will reveal their console launch price first. Last generation, it was Xbox One's Kinect-required setup which put the box $100 heftier than the PS4, and in large part doomed the console to second place out of the gate. Now under new leadership since Don Mattrick's failed vision, Phil Spencer and company seem determined to not slip up with back to back console generations.

So when can we expect a PS5 reveal, or an Xbox Series X price reveal, for that matter? Well, Xbox has another showcase of its own later this month, at a date not yet announced. If it's at the end of the month, perhaps that's when we'll finally hear from one of them. Or maybe we won't know til we get the consoles in our carts online or up to the register in brick and mortar stores this holiday season. 

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