Xbox Series S Confirmed As Leaked Controller Spills the Details

Xbox Series S Confirmed As Leaked Controller Spills the Details

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Xbox Series S is real. That comes according to a leaked controller which lists the Series S among its compatible devices. It's long been rumored, to the point of near confirmation, that the Xbox Series X would live alongside a cheaper, less powerful device for next gen called the Xbox Series S, but the controller box art is the first time we've seen it recorded in the wild anywhere. 

According to Ars Technica, who spoke to people familiar with Microsoft's next-gen plans, the leak is legitimate. On the back of the box, the controller packaging reads "For Xbox Series X/S,  Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS."

We still don't have a launch date or price for even the Xbox Series X, which itself was first revealed last December at The Game Awards. It's assumed the Xbox Series S will launch day and date with the more powerful -  really themost powerful, as Microsoft is quick to remind you - Xbox Series X for a price tag that could be considerably cheaper.

This month's Xbox showcase, which is known to exist but also doesn't have a public date yet, is expected to fully unveil the Series S. It may also be the time Microsoft talks price. For months, it's appeared as though Microsoft and Sony have been playing a game of corporate chicken, each one daring to wait longer and longer to reveal a price tag. 

It's often assumed Microsoft is happy to wait and eventually undercut the PS5 price tag, but either console could ultimately be the cheaper one. Anti-climactically, we could also see them launch at the same price, though it would still appear as though the Series S will be cheaper than Sony's close equivalent, the PS5 Digital Edition. We should know a lot more before September, but even then Microsoft won't be done. They committed to the "Xbox 20/20" reveal schedule where they'll announce news about the next generation every month until the launch of its new consoles.


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