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Despite Months of Leaks, Call of Duty 2020 Is Still Only Being Teased

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After months of leaks and teases, we are still without an official reveal of Call of Duty 2020, widely accepted to be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Yesterday, the world seemed destined for a final, much-delayed reveal, but after the unboxing of some mysterious crates sent by Activision, we are left with many questions still.

Before the weekend, certain content creators were sent large crates teasing Call of Duty goodies inside. They came attached to instructions not to be opened until Monday, August 10 - yesterday, of course. To ensure no one peaked early, the boxes couldn't be opened without a combination that wouldn't be delivered until yesterday afternoon. So the Call of Duty community waited for the weekend to pass before their favorite streamers could reveal these crates' contents.

We suspected, rightfully I'll say, that inside these boxes would be the official unveiling of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Instead, all we got were more cryptic teases in the form of 1950's-era slide projectors and slides that can't easily be figured out, at least not alone. It seems, according to Gamespot, one of several recipients of these crates, that different outlets and content creators got different slides. 

What's all this mean? Well, it means instead of a plainly stated game reveal, Activision has delivered an ARG puzzle of sorts. Surely, these outlets are meant to piece together the puzzle collectively, which may mean it will take a few days or more before we figure out what these slides are for.

All of it seems a bit silly since the game has leaked more than the Titanic by now, but I guess those marketing dollars were already earmarked. The official reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is coming soon. 

Really this time. 

We think.

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