Capcom Reveals Lifetime Sales of Major Franchises

Capcom Reveals Lifetime Sales of Major Franchises

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Capcom has revealed the impressive sales numbers behind many of its biggest franchises, including a nine-digit units sold total for Resident Evil, the publisher's biggest hit of all.

Delivering the news via its website (thanks @ZHugeEX on Twitter), Capcom shared the lifetime units sold on a total of six franchises. Resident Evil leads the way with a stunning 103 million units sold in the series' lifetime. It's been a great few years for the series after a strong showing by its last three games in particular, Resident Evil 7, which put the game in first-person for the first time in a mainline entry, followed by last year's Resident Evil 2 remake and this April's Resident Evil 3 remake. We know the next game will be Resident Evil 8: Village, while it's strongly rumored that the company is also actively remaking Resident Evil 4.

Elsewhere in the company, the Monster Hunter series is holding strong with 64 million units sold of its own, including a recent 5.8 million for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne alone. Monster Hunter World is the best-selling game in the company's history.

In third place is the everpresent Street Fighter series, which has moved 45 million units over its 25+ years in the industry. Next up for the series is a collection of new fighters which is rumored to have been built as a holdover while Street Fighter 6 continues to be worked on behind the scenes.

Those these big three make up the leaders for Capcom, other series such as Mega Man  (36 million units) Devil May Cry (22 million units) and Dead Rising (14 million units) have also fared well. While we are just a year removed from the most recent Devil May Cry sequel and two years past Mega Man 11, it's interesting to see Dead Rising make the list. Presumably that's because its total sales are better than something like Lost Planet which was omitted, but perhaps the 14 million lifetime units suggests a return to the series is in order. It's been four years since the middling Dead Rising 4 launched. 

With a strong showing, it could even be that the next Dead Rising causes the series to leap frog Devil May Cry in lifetime sales.  Are you out there, Frank West?

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