WB Montreal's Batman Game Will Be Revealed on Saturday

WB Montreal's Batman Game Will Be Revealed on Saturday

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After initially being teased almost a year ago, with several leaks along the way, we will finally get an official look at WB Montreal's Batman game this weekend. From the DC FanDome online event, Warner Bros. Montreal will get to lift the veil from its long-rumored project once and for all. 

Though the title isn't publicly known yet, the game most recently whispered about as Batman: Gotham Knights gets the FanDome stage all to itself on Saturday, August 22, at 10:30 Pacific time. 

The debut should help clarify several points of confusion for the game, such as whether it's expected as a cross-gen title or, perhaps at this point, a next-gen-only game. The studio's Twitter account began teasing the game in fall 2019, seemingly with a reveal being imminent. But past X019 and The Game Awards, two seemingly possible landing spots for a debut trailer, nothing ever showed up. Since then, the team has been totally silent, suggesting the game went back into the Batcave for reasons not made public.

It's also currently unclear how much this game has to do with Rocksteady's Arkham universe. It's expected that WB Montreal's title is a soft reboot of the timeline, but that it will actually share a story world with Rocksteady's next game, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. That promising project will also make a splash at FanDome this weekend, at 5 pm Pacific later on the same day.

At long last, the two games superhero fans have been waiting for will finally be shown off in a matter of a few hours.

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