Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Coming in October According to Insider

Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Coming in October According to Insider

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According to insider Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat, the Mass Effect trilogy remastered collection is coming this October, and with virtually no marketing campaign ahead of its launch.

As he is known to do, Grubb updated his crudely laid out "Summer Game Mess" calendar, a word document on his phone which hints at or full on states what's ahead in the gaming promo calendar during our weird year without E3. His latest update includes hints toward a "remasster" (sic), which quite likely pointed to the much-rumored Mass Effect trilogy getting the remaster treatment from EA and BioWare.

When asked about this hint and whether it meant a reveal or a launch, Grubb teasingly replied "why not both?" Some, including myself have anticipated the game would launch on November 7, the unofficial Mass Effect holiday in reference to the game's elite soldiers, the N7, but it may be the case that such a launch is too late for the game which is likely intended to get out on current-gen systems and well ahead of Cyberpunk 2077, another massive RPG that will take up many people's time and money if it launches as intended in November.

Recent leaks for the Xbox Series X controller also include the packaging label "do not open before November 6," which hints that the November window for the next-gen Xbox comes sometime, perhaps a week, after that.

We still need to hear of the remaster from the official sources, but it's been credibly and long-rumored and Grubb's intel is usually solid. We have no doubts it's real. We only wonder how EA will dress it up given that it's something fans have wanted for years, only more so after Andromeda failed to leave a mark, but now that it's coming so late in the generation, it's almost an inopportune time for the series. And yet, it's Commander Shepard, so it's probably going to be all right.

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