Here's everything we know about Battlefield V

Here's everything we know about Battlefield V

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EA DICE has taken the wraps off of Battlefield V and revealed the details about the next game in the popular series during today's live stream event hosted by Trevor Noah. Here's what we know so far.

  • all of the trailers for Battlefield V are available on its official YouTube channel
  • going back to World War 2 where it all started for Battlefield 16 years ago
  • "This will be a never-before-seen portrayal of WWII" - unseen locations, untold stories, the unplayed moments. It is to take you on a journey.
  • This will be the most immersive Battlefield experience ever
  • Grand Operations - larger scale multiplayer experiences with multiple game modes across multiple maps wrapped in a narrative story. It takes place across four fictional days. This will be on hand at EA play for a hands on experience.
  • Co-op is back! "Combined Arms" for smaller groups.
  • War Stories anthology format for single player. Witness WWII through the eyes of the men and women who changed the world such as a Norwegian freedom fighter and many others.
  • Immense Arsenal - use iconic weapons, fly aircraft and drive massive tanks, use a toolbox to set up fortifications (no more gas mask)
  • Fortifications are tailored for support players. Designed for those who are focused on the objective. Built fox holes, walls, repair buildings, fortify positions all to keep the fighting troops moving.
  • The Company is a personal collection of soldiers, weapons and vehicles. Choices affect how you look and how your vehicles perform. Pick a character that is complementary to the squad.
  • "As you play and get better, your soldiers get better". Abilities and skills, weapons and vehicles will level as well. You can get outfits, paint jobs and other customization options - Looking badass is important. We want you to have your own personal identity.
  • Play the game to get rewarded. "You'll always be rewarded for what you do."
  • This game will NOT be pay to win. "There is nothing you can buy that gives you an advantage."
  • The game will grow over time, post-release. New battles, new fronts, new rewards all along the way. No expansion packs. Everyone participates at the same time.
  • Tides of War will feature key moments that impacted the war as a whole.
  • "Evolving live service journey"
  • Battlefield V launches on October 11th for the Play First Trial; October 16th for the Deluxe Edition and October 19th for the Standard Edition
  • Pre-orders are open

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