The First Grounded Update Is for the Birds - Literally

The First Grounded Update Is for the Birds - Literally

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If you thought the spiders and ladybugs were a problem in Obsidian's little-big survival sandbox, Grounded, wait until you see the bird. The first content update for the game is now available and adds a host of new gameplay elements including a new avian friend.

Character perks have been introduced. These act as minor mutations which boost stats in various ways, like cutting down grass faster, increasing your overall health, and improving your defenses among others. Over the course of Grounded's time in preview/Early Access, Obsidian plans to add more perks. Players can equip any three of their choosing at any time. 

For those still fortifying and, perhaps more importantly, decorating, their bases, the new update has added several new craftable items such as fences and tables, as well as a new resting spot. The Sprig Fence and Acron Picket Fence offer two styles for decorators to choose from. You can also make two kinds of tables and even a bed, instead of the past resting spot which was simply a leafy canopy.

The bed can only be crafted from bird feathers, which introduces this new animal to the already bustling Backyard. Obsidian teased the arrival of the avian "flew." 

"The biggest creature in the backyard has arrived. How will this play into the adventure of the backyard?  Find out in this and future updates for Grounded."

The update is available now and more updates will continue to roll out to all players, on both Xbox and Steam, for free over the coming months and perhaps years while the game moves through development toward its eventual 1.0 state.

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