Remedy Strongly Teasing Alan Wake 2 in New Control DLC

Remedy Strongly Teasing Alan Wake 2 in New Control DLC

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The final piece of DLC for Control is now available, one year after its original launch, and for fans of Remedy's past work, it's a must-play experience. 

The expansion, titled "AWE" or "Altered World Event" further ties the world of Control to Remedy's 2010' thriller Alan Wake. These connective threads were already made apparent in the base game through several easter eggs which revealed a shared universe for Wake and Control (and Max Payne and Quantum Break too, mind you), but this DLC takes those threads and tigthens them even more.

In fact, it's hard not to see that Remedy is strongly hinting at working on a sequel already based on the plot of AWE, especially the ending cutscene. Consider it major spoilers for Control, but if you want to see the ending cutscene which ties it all together, find that below.

The language used in that scene make it pretty hard to argue the game isn't actively in development, but it's worth noting that we've been here before, even if it's never looked as likely as it does now. In 2012, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, an XBLA semi-sequel, furthered the saga of the titular tortured writer but ended on more cliffhangers of its own, setting up a sequel we're still waiting for. 

In 2016, Quantum Break featured several links of its own, most prominently a long trailer in the opening section of the game which hinted that Alan would be back. But it was Control and the story mode for CrossfireX which the company moved to work on next. 

It's likely Remedy can no longer work to include Quantum Break and Max Payne in its "Remedy Connected Universe," as the team is finally calling it publicly, but the Alan Wake and Control connections seem like a priority for the Finnish studio going forward, perhaps even with a true Alan Wake sequel finally arriving in the next few years.

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