September Will See a Mega Evolution-Themed Event Taking Place in Pokemon GO

September Will See a Mega Evolution-Themed Event Taking Place in Pokemon GO

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A special event revolving around Mega Evolutions is coming to Pokemon GO.

It has been announced that an event revolving around Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO will be held throughout September. The event will fold out over three weeks, with new goals appearing every week. The first week of the event will run from September 1st to September 7th. During this week, players will have to try and complete two million Mega Raids. If gamers hit that mark, they will unlock Mega Pidgeot in Mega Raids. During the week, there will be an increased number of Mega Raids, as well as an increased attack bonus from friends in raids. Event-exclusive Field Research will be available during the week. Players will be able to receive Mega Energy for Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise by completing limited event-exclusive Filed Research tasks throughout the entire event. Gamers will run into a number of different Pokemon more frequently in the wild, including Abra, Rhyhorn, Tangela, Murkrow, and Lotad. Gamers will also have the chance to run into a Shiny Lotad. 

From September 11th to September 17th, gamers will have to use their Mega-Evolved Pokemon in Gym Battles, Team GO Rocket battles, and Trainer Battles (excluding GO Battle League battles). If players can win 275 million of these battles, they will unlock Mega Houndoom in Mega Raids. During this week, Beedrill Mega Energy can be obtained by completing event-exclusive Field Research tasks. A number of Bug-Type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild during this week, including Caterpie, Paras, Scyther, Ledyba Burmy, and more. There will be the chance of encountering a shiny Ledyba. Team GO Rocket will also be using different Shadow Pokemon during the event. 

The Mega Evolution event's final week will begin on September 22, and will end on September 28th. Players will want to complete the Mega-Evolution themed Timed Research story in order to unlock an extra treat during Halloween. If the this event's Timed Research is completed, a Timed Research during this year's Halloween event that features Mega Gengar will be unlocked. During this week, Mega-Evolved Pokemon will stay in their Mega-Evolved form for three times longer. Poffin duration will double. Large Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild. This includes Lapras, Snorlax, Skarmory, Doduo, and more. There will also be the chance to run into a Shiny Doduo. Large Pokemon will also be found in raids throughout the week. 

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices. 

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