Autumn Has Come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Autumn Has Come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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If you're into sweater weather, leaf-peeping, and pumpkin spices, it's time to return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as fall has, uh, fallen. Though it does so before our real-life calendars agree, Nintendo has announced new autumnal events, items, and more are now available in Animal Crossing for northern hemisphere players.

Included in new September are new insects to catch for the museum, including crickets and monarch butterflies, as well as new fish like salmon and even new oysters. You can collect acorns and pine cones from shaking trees and turn them into fall decor like mini trees that, if it were real, would probably smell great. 

New fish will make a distinctive "bloop" sound, so Nintendo suggests players don't grab for the first bite, but rather wait for the proper cue in order to catch the seasonal fish. It seems as though new cabin-style homes are now available as well, giving you the pre-Halloween vibes you likely crave. I know I do.

The update may help serve a Nintendo community seemingly starved for content as each day that doesn't bring an exciting Nintendo Direct is another disappointment for many. Nintendo has yet to confirm it has any intentions to do such a show, despite never doing one in place of E3 and despite the upcoming holiday window in which time the publisher has very little going on for first-party content.

Fans continue to wait with bated breath for that fateful reveal of the next Nintendo Direct, but at least now they can do it with some orange frills around their Animal Crossing neighborhoods.

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