Sea of Thieves Celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020

Sea of Thieves Celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020

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As is tradition, Rare is using Talk Like A Pirate Day to run several in-game events for Sea of Thieves, including a bonus XP and gold weekend. The Gold and Glory Weekend kicks off today and runs until Monday September 21, offering double XP and double gold across the board for all players. No matter what kind of quest you're doing, the riches and rewards will come twice as fast. 

There's more too. Sea of Thieves is currently free for all Xbox Live Gold members to try, even if they haven't bought the game or don't subscribe to Game Pass. Running concurrently through the weekend with the Double XP and gold event, the seas are likely to be home to more white sails in the days ahead.

Sea of Thieves is also on sale across Xbox and Steam. On Steam, it's part of a larger Talk Like A Pirate Day sale including other games such as Blazing Sails, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and the Risen trilogy.

If that's still not enough swashbuckling, you can also grab a complete Ancestral Ship Set by watching partnered Sea of Thieves streamers between September 19 and 24. The Ancestral Ship Set is the game's tie-in cosmetic featuring imagery from the Ori series. It's one of many crossover cosmetics offered in Sea of Thieves. Some of the many others include ship designs for Halo, Gears of War, State of Decay, Bleeding Edge, as well as Rare's own series, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Viva Pinata

The Ancestral ship was rewarded to some players before, but only the hull, sails, and figurehead. The Twitch Drops schedule will also include the set's cannons, capstan, and captain's wheel for the first time ever in the game. Rewards ahoy!

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