Gears Tactics Will Receive New Content on the Xbox Series X / S

Gears Tactics Will Receive New Content on the Xbox Series X / S

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Gears Tactics is coming to the Xbox Series X / S later this year, and will feature new content on the new systems.

It has been announced that Gears Tactics will be releasing for the Xbox Series X / S on November 10th, the same day that the consoles drop. The game will be capable of putting out gameplay at 4K Ultra HD at 60fps on the Series X.

A major update will be released alongside Gears Tactics' release on the Series X / S. The update will include a good amount of content, and will be released on the PC version of the game as well for free. The update will add Jack as a playable character, who will feature 20+ skills. These skills range from empowering auras to hijacking and controlling enemy units. There will be new powerful enemies called Deviant enemies, which will add a new layer of challenge in battle. There will be new Supreme equipment to use in the campaign, which should help when facing the new Deviant enemies. There will also be enhanced controller support for both the console and PC versions of the game. 

Gears Tactics is a top-down strategy game similar to the X-Com series. The game takes place 12 years before the first Gears of War, and keeps the intensity and brutality that the Gears Franchise is known for. Cities on the planet Sera are falling to a new threat that is emerging from the underground: the Locust Horde. Gamers play as Gabe Diaz, who is recruiting survivors in an attempt to take out the Locust Horde's relentless leader, Ukkon. As the game progresses, players recruit soldiers and train them to be Gears, choosing from a number of classes and skills. They are also able to customize their squad how they want. 

Gears Tactics is available now for PC. It will arrive on the Xbox Series X / S on November 10th. 

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