InXile Entertainment Is Working on a New RPG

InXile Entertainment Is Working on a New RPG

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If you haven't noticed, Xbox Game Studios has become the de facto home for western RPGs, and inXile's Brian Fargo has confirmed another is in the pipeline. Replying to a fan on Twitter, studio head Brian Fargo revealed the team behind recent OpenCritic "Mighty" hit Wasteland 3 is working on a new role-playing game, but (half-)jokingly lamented how long they take to produce.

The fan reached out thanking Fargo for Wasteland 3:

"@BrianFargo Greetings sir , I’m one of your admirers which i waiting your works since the amazing first 2 fallout games comes out . I just want go say thanks for the Wasteland 3 , it’s the game we all of your fans waiting for . I hope this kind of games comes more . Thank you ."

To which Fargo replied and spilled a few beans:

"We are working on wonderful new RPG’s[sic], it’s too bad they take so long to make."

He later clarified that the "second RPG" is in the infancy of pre-production. Second to what, though? That's the lingering question. Given that Fargo used the plural "RPGs" initially, it seems he's actually teasing two new games in the genre, and perhaps even suggesting only the second of them is in its infancy. That could mean we get the other much sooner, perhaps within a year or two.

Though fans may dream of what's next for the team behind beloved classic RPGs such as Wasteland and The Bard's Tale, Microsoft may feel content with its current slate of RPGs. Truly, there's never been a time where the genre seemed fuller, and it's quite remarkable to see how many now fall under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella.

Among those we know about there are: 

  • Fable, the reboot from Playground Games' second team
  • Avowed, the fantasy RPG from Obsidian
  • One or two in-development projects from inXile

All of these, plus the likely The Outer Worlds 2, and then of course there's the bevy of new RPGs to come from Bethesda, now that the entire company and its eight studios exist under the Xbox Game Studios banner. That includes the next sequels to Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and new RPG IP, Starfield

If you like role-playing games, it's probably a good time to consider subscribing to Game Pass as each of these will launch day and date into the library.

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