Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Comes Via Free Update in December

Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Comes Via Free Update in December

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Though Watch Dogs: Legion isn't out yet, Ubisoft has already detailed some of the post-launch content players can expect to find in the weeks that follow its release. This includes the Aiden Pierce storyline as well as new details on multiplayer modes coming to Watch Dogs: Legion in December.

Multiplayer will come to Watch Dogs: Legion on December 3, about a month after the game launches on PC, Stadia, and current-gen platforms in stores on October 29. The December update will include several game modes, including free-roaming co-op for up to four players. More objective-driven modes include co-op-only missions for four players, Tactical Ops, and SpiderBot Arena, which will pit four to eight players in a deathmatch where everyone is controlling their own weaponized Spiderbots.

In the new year, free single-player updates will bring to Watch Dogs: Legion new characters and abilities. Also on the roadmap are new missions and a New Game Plus mode. Aiden Pierce's new storyline will come to the game post-launch as well, but is a part of the game's Season Pass, "Bloodline." The Season Pass will also give players access to Wrench, who returns from Watch Dogs 2. Two more characters, Darcy and Mina, will also be included. Darcy is a member of the Assassins Order - yes, those Assassins. Mina is the subject of transhuman experiments who has gained the ability of mind control as a result.

On top of all that, Ubisoft has also revealed a new story trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion, which sets the scene for the setting of London on the brink of chaos. Zero-Day, an "unknown entity," has caused DedSec to take the fall for bombings they did not commit, and it's up to the hacker community, and thus the player, to lead a resistance, clear their name, and push back against oppressors both covert and overt. 

The game will launch on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 29, but a next-gen launch is right around the corner as well. Watch Dogs: Legion launches on Xbox Series X/S on November 10 as a launch day title, while it comes to PS5 digitally on its November 12, while physical copies for PS5 arrive on November 24.



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