Horror for the Holidays: The Medium Hits Xbox and PC This December

Horror for the Holidays: The Medium Hits Xbox and PC This December

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Though the world still waits for Silent Hill to return, Bloober Team's The Medium looks like just the thing for fans yearning for otherworldly scares. And now we know when it's coming out. Bloober Team has revealed the game arrives on December 10 for Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store.

The game will miss the console launch day for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox, but only by a month. Thus it is still firmly planted in the traditional "launch window" and should provide a nice revival of gaming scares following an already jam-packed October that features at least one new horror game every week beginning on October 13.

The Medium is a third-person horror where players traverse two worlds simultaneously, the natural world and an otherworldly realm plagued by monsters and other threats. The game is a collaboration of many veterans in the genre, including Bloober Team who previously earned accolades for horror games such as Observer, Layers of Fear, and Blair Witch. Also involved is Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame who has scored the game's soundtrack alongside Arkadiusz Reikowski who composed Layers of Fear. The Medium''s art comes via the inspiration of Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, and his dystopian surrealist work

The game is a next-gen exclusive and its creators boast of the Dual-Reality gameplay which could only be possible on next-gen consoles or similarly-spec'd PCs. You can catch the new release date trailer below and check out a debut track from the soundtrack, Reikowski's "Marianne's Theme" out now on Steam

As one final note, the game will also debut at less than the soon to be standardized $70. In fact, it will launch at $49.99, a bit cheaper than even many games today. Plus, anyone who pre-orders on PC will get an additional 10% off. The Medium arrives on December 10.

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