Among Us had More Than 4 Billion YouTube Views Last Month

Among Us had More Than 4 Billion YouTube Views Last Month

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Among Us was a smash hit on YouTube last month. 

According to YouTube (via GameSpot), Among Us got more than 4 billion views on the platform in the month of September. The game was popular all over the world, as the US only accounted for 19% of all views. Mexico and South Korea were the second and third countries in terms of viewership. According to YouTube, more than 6% of Among Us views used the word "animation." It has been stated that smaller YouTube channels grew due to Among Us, including channels creating animations for the game. 

Last month it was revealed that Among Us 2 had been cancelled. Developer Innersloth stated that instead of working on an Among Us sequel, they will be expanding the original game. All of the new content that would have released in Among Us 2 will now instead release on the first game. Innersloth stated that the decision was made due to the sudden increase in popularity for Among Us. The developer stated that they originally wanted to create an Among Us 2 because the codebase of the original is outdated. Now that the team has cancelled the second game, they will be going deep into the core code of the game and reworking several parts of it. 

Some of the new content coming to Among Us includes the addition of colorblind support, as well as a friends / account system. The game's servers will be worked on. The developer also stated that they are currently working on a new stage for the game. Innersloth stated that the new stage is still in early development, and that designing the stage's layout has only just begun. However, the team has settled on the theme of the upcoming stage. The developer stated that Among Us fans should stay tuned, as they have a lot of other things being planned at the moment. They are just prioritizing and organizing their plans at the moment. 

Among Us is available now for PC and mobile devices. 

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