Cris Tales Has Been Delayed Into Next Year

Cris Tales Has Been Delayed Into Next Year

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Cris Tales is no longer releasing this year. 

On the Modus website, it was announced that Cris Tales has been delayed into early 2021. The game was originally set to release on November 17th. In a message from Carlos Rocha Silva, CEO of Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK, the developers of Cris Tales, this extra time will be used to polish the game. Silva states that the release of the game's demo on consoles led to player feedback that the studio wants to address, helping make the game the best that it could be. 

"To every Cris Tales fan, thank you for the interest in our game," Silva stated. "We began development in 2014 and we hope it's more clear to all of you that this is a labor of love for us. Much of the team here became friends by believing in what we thought might be an impossible dream - the dream to create a video game that is both an homage to the golden age of JRPGs and also a completely innovative experience within the genre. We never believed that Cris Tales would reach an audience so big and diverse, and that people were going to love the dream and game as much as we do. 

"That is why we want to tell everyone who is eager for the release of Cris Tales that along with Modus Games we have made the difficult decision of postponing the release date of Cris Tales from November 17th, 2020 to sometime in early 2021." 

Silva does state that he knows fans of Cris Tales may have a lot of questions. Thus, a few members from the development team will be joining him for an AMA on Reddit this Friday at 12 p.m. PST. Silva did state that those who attend may get a sneak peek at some more of what they have been working on. 

Cris Tales will release next year for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, the Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. 

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