Transient, a Cyberpunk Lovecraftian Horror, Hits PC Soon

Transient, a Cyberpunk Lovecraftian Horror, Hits PC Soon

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Combining elements of both the cyberpunk aesthetic and the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Iceberg Interactive and Stormling Studios have revealed Transient is coming to PC this month. The team would be remiss to whiff on the soft deadline of October 31, and like so many other genre titles this month, they won't have to. Transient hits PC on October 28.

The date was announced live at The Mix, an indie gaming afterparty usually reserved for the post-show at events such as PAX, but in our COVID year, The Mix mixed things up and went online. 

Transient comes from a team well-versed in Lovecraft's fiction. They previously developed Conarium, which is a closer retelling of some of the author's work. That one earned "Fair" scores from 35 critics, giving it a 70 average overall back in 2017 and then later on consoles. Transient will launch exclusively on Steam at launch, and though the team hasn't said so, it would seem likely to head to consoles later as well.

InTransient, the last of humanity lives in a closed-off citadel called Domed City Providence. When a hacker discovers an earth-shattering truth, he's made to suffer consequences. From there the game's blend of cosmic horror and cyberpunk fuse to create a world that is at once dually familiar and perhaps unprecedented at once.

Transient joins an especially busy month for horror games - surely it's no coincidence as studios hope to hit the Halloween deadline. This Friday comes This Is The Zodiac Speaking which looks at the famously never-caught Zodiac Killer of California circa the 1960s and 70s. On the heels of that one is Amnesia: Rebirth next week on October 20, which is Frictional's surprise return to the Amnesia series that really put them on the map. On October 30 comes the second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, which looks at New England's famous witch trials through a time-hopping storyline. Also just released this week is Remothered: Broken Porcelain, a sequel to one of 2018's most interesting, if faulty, horror games.

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