The Xbox Series X/S Launch Lineup Grows Larger with WWII MMO, Enlisted

The Xbox Series X/S Launch Lineup Grows Larger with WWII MMO, Enlisted

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You'd think with just a few days to go before the Xbox Series X and Series S hit stores, the launch lineups would be cemented by now, but it's actually grown by another game. Enlisted is a World War II MMO squad-based shooter, and it will be on Xbox Series X and Series S via the Game Preview program on day one, November 10.

Enlisted will launch as a timed exclusive on Xbox. The developers say it "carefully recreates weapons, military  vehicles and the atmosphere of that era" while covering key battles from WWII. Those who to get involved with the game at launch may purchase a Founder's Pack to do so. 

Enlisted wages its wars on the ground and in the air. Players take on the roles of pilots, tank commanders, or an infantry squad. Each squad, said the publisher Gaijin Entertainment, "Each squad consists of several soldiers that can be trained, equipped with new gear and weapons and taken into battle." 

The team is going for a bit of historical accuracy in that available weapons, vehicles, and other elements of each campaign are based on the real-life events. At launch, the Germany versus Russia battle at Moscow will be playable, followed by more campaigns throughout the Game Preview build's progression, including the first major update: Normandy on D-Day. 

Enlisted uses a new version of the Dagor engine, which in its previous form has been the engine of choice for games like War Thunder and Cuisine Royale. The game will utilize ray tracing while running at 4K/1440p on Series X and S respectively. In either case, it will run at a full 60 frames per second.

Like many Game Preview titles, Darkflow Software says player feedback will be used to shape the future of the game. You can enlist in Enlisted beginning November 10.

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