Hello Engineer Takes the Creepy Neighbor Series In a New Direction

Hello Engineer Takes the Creepy Neighbor Series In a New Direction

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Hello Neighbor has been nothing shy of a YouTube sensation, especially among younger players, and after several sequels and spinoffs, the series is now going in a totally new direction. Hello Engineer dramatically shifts the series to a game where players team up and build their own contraptions, like cars and robots.

In Hello Engineer, players will scavenge, craft, and complete challenges in an open-world theme park setting. All the while, the dreaded Neighbor himself still lurks nearby, ready to thwart your plans. That's his move, he's gonna use it.

A group of kids from Raven Brooks, members of the Inventors club, went to the abandoned amusement park to scavenge for resources to win the State Inventors Contest. Under unclear circumstances, the whole group was trapped there. Turns out that they’re not alone here, somebody watches their moves and controls the evil bots. Little inventors need to use all their engineering skills to get out of amusement parks and don’t let the strange Neighbor get them down.

The reveal trailer hints at some of the customization on offer in Hello Neighbor as players can piece together their best efforts one fragmented scrap heap at a time. See for yourself here.

Advanced features include electrical circuits, and smart modules which can allow for players to even build autonomous vehicles, or "creatures" according to the game's publisher Tiny Build.

Most of all, the game stresses creativity as the guiding light. There are no "prescribed solutions to complete objectives, progress through the level however you want," said Tiny Build. The game will offer both cooperative elements such as blueprint sharing for the community as well as PvP modes too, so players can test their contraptions in real-time against real players. Hello Engineer is expected to arrive in 2021.

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