PUBG Gets Cross-Gen Multiplayer Next Month

PUBG Gets Cross-Gen Multiplayer Next Month

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When the new consoles arrive on November 10, 12, and 19 respectively, PUBG players can move onto them seamlessly, PUBG Corp. announced today. 

The team had a range of news items to share regarding what players can expect if they're moving their play sessions to Xbox Series X|S or PS5. For starters, the upgrade will be free, like so many other games have elected to offer. 

If you already own PUBG on current-gen Xbox or PlayStation, there's no need to buy in again, not for the game and not for your in-game purchases. PUBG Corp. says those will all migrate to the new platforms just as seamlessly. In short, your dinosaur costume is safe. 

The game will also utilize the current builds of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro on Xbox Series X and PS5 respectively, giving the game a boost to 60 frames per second as a new baseline. Players on Xbox Series S will utilize the Xbox One S build which remains at 30 frames per second for now, but the company says it's "working to provide an option to raise the framerate cap on Xbox One S and Xbox Series S consoles in the future."

In perhaps the most exciting news of all, PUBG will be playable across generations, meaning you face squad up with and face off against players from not just the other ecosystem between Xbox and PlayStation, but also up and down within each ecosystem. If someone in your squad has upgraded to the next-gen and someone else hasn't, you'll still be able to play together.

The seamlessness of the next-gen is proving to be a major selling point for the outgoing generation's man players who spent time in live-service games. With PUBG getting a sixth new map this week, it wouldn't make sense to so quickly cut off a huge number of players, especially when other battle royale games have eaten into the PUBG market share so much over the last three years. It's good to see PUBG is future-proofed like this. 

PUBG will be available on Xbox Series X|S on November 10, and PS5 on November 12 and 19 respective to the console's regional launch dates.

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