A Major Update is on the Way for Gears 5

A Major Update is on the Way for Gears 5

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A huge update is coming to Gears 5.

It has been announced that a big update is coming to Gears 5. The update will release on November 10th. The game's campaign will see a number of updates. Dave Batista, who is a huge fan of the series, will be inserted into the game in Marcus Fenix's place. The development team behind Gears 5 worked to have Batista re-record all of Marcus' lines, while his likeness was captured to replace Marcus'. Dave Batista will be present throughout the campaign in both gameplay and in cinematic moments, though players can switch back to Marcus if they desire. 

Gears 5's upcoming update will also allow players to customize their characters in the campaign. Since the game dropped a number of character and weapon skins have been released, but they were only accessible in multiplayer. When the update releases, however, players will be able to equip their favorite character and weapon skins in the campaign. The skins will be visible in the game's cut scenes. 

Gears 5 will also be introducing two modes next month. This includes the Inconceivable Mode, which is the hardest version of Gears 5. There will also be the Ironman Mode, which challenges players to beat the game without dying. There will also be a large number of mutators. These mutators will change the look, difficulty, and experience of the game's campaign. Mutators include a Big Head Mode, Enemy Modifiers, and various Screen Effects. All of the mutators can be seen here

The improvements that Gears 5 will receive when the game jumps to the Xbox Series X / S have also been revealed. This includes a PC Ultra-HD texture pack (Series X only), 120 fps in Versus, and more. 

Gears 5 is available now for the Xbox One and PC. The game will be a launch title for the Xbox Series X / S, which will release on November 10th. Gears 5 will support Smart Delivery, allowing those who own the game on the Xbox One to upgrade to the next-gen version for free. 

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