Apex Legends Season 7 Arrives Next Week with a New Map

Apex Legends Season 7 Arrives Next Week with a New Map

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Apex Legends is set to kick off its seventh season of content following the conclusion of its ongoing Halloween event next week. Here's everything to look for when Season 7 goes live on all platforms.

For starters, a new Legend by the name of Horizon will join the always growing cast of heroes and anti-heroes. Horizon comes from a faraway planet in desperate need of vital resources in the form of crystals. With her robot partner N.E.W.T. in tow, Horizon sets out to find those crystals and save her homeland. Even more personally dire is the fact that she leaves behind her son in the process too, hoping to return with the salvation he and his neighbors need. Horizon is tragically betrayed, as you can see in the story trailer below, and finds her way back home but lost in time, apart from her son. 

Like Overwatch and other live-service games now, these story beats won't crop up much in the forefront of Apex Legends, but they provide a fun backdrop to the eclectic cast of characters that many diehard fans have come to appreciate.

Alongside Horizon comes a third new map. Olympus is Horizon's decaying homeland, and soon players will have the ability to fight it out to earn their next victories on this planet. While the full patch notes won't arrive til next week, glimpses of what to expect from this new city in the clouds can be seen in the trailer.

As Olympus is a large map, a new vehicle called the Trident will be present and big enough for the whole squad to move in. The launch of the new season will also bring a new Clubs feature, a Ranked refresh, a new Battle Pass, as well as the game's debut on Steam.

All of this is set to kick off on November 4, with Season 7 - Ascension, just as soon as the ongoing Halloween event, "Fight or Fright," concludes. If you haven't played that yet, there's still time to earn new 2020 Hallween cosmetics and take part in the limited-time mode, Shadow Royale.

Season 7 - Ascension launches next Wednesday, November 4 across all platforms.

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