Temtem is Coming to the PlayStation 5 in December

Temtem is Coming to the PlayStation 5 in December

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Temtem is making the jump to consoles in December.

On the PlayStation Blog, it was announced that Temtem will make its console debut exclusively on the PlayStation 5. The game will release for the next-gen system on December 8th. The game will be available through Early Access. The title will be up for pre-order, and will come in a standard edition and a deluxe edition. Pre-ordering either edition will grant players a discounted price, as well as an in-game title and PSN avatars. The deluxe edition will come with a special Camo outfit. The Blog states that Temtem will increase in price as each major update releases, so getting the game now in Early Access will save gamers some money. 

Through Early Access players will be able to explore four of the game's six islands. The game's main campaign across these islands should take players 30 hours to complete, during which they can capture over 100 unique Tems. The campaign is playable in co-op. Since Temtem is an always online world, gamers will meet other players around them, and will be able to battle, trade, or chat with them. Temtem will support crossplay between the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game. 

On the PlayStation Blog, the features players should expect in the coming months were revealed. Two more islands for players to explore will release, and will allow gamers to finish the title's story arc. Dozens of new Tems are on the way, including three special mythical Tems. Players will soon be able to participate in new multiplayer features, which includes the trading house that will allow server-wide trading, as well as the clan wars. Finally, there will be features for the most dedicated players, including a new island meant for end-game activities, as well as a hardcore game mode. 

Temtem is available now on PC through Early Access. The game will be available for the PlayStation 5 on December 8th. 

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