It's Halloween in Sea of Thieves. Arrr You Scared?

It's Halloween in Sea of Thieves. Arrr You Scared?

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Just like it has done to so many other live-service games as of late, Halloween has come to Sea of Thieves. As before, it takes the form of the Festival of the Damned, or at least it starts out that way. 

The new update, Fate of the Damned, brings new enemies in the form of Shadows of Fate, a new skeleton enemy which was once confined to the Ferry of the Damned, the underworld within the game's lore. Working, as they often do, alongside the BIlge Rats, players can embark on new kinds of quests to seek out these new enemies and win battles with them for gold, glory, and of course those elusive commendations.

These new missions are called Voyages of the Damned and will have you first speak to Larinna, who rests outside all taverns in the game. Because the Shadows of Fate seem to consume whole regions at a time, players should expect increased activity of all sorts in those regions, both in terms of PvP and PvE. Larinna also gives out free voyages to pirates giving them the "knowledge and tools that can banish the Shadows of Fate."

A new in-game Events tab will keep track of challenges as they cycle through, both during the ongoing Festival and beyond as a permanent addition to the game. Complete goals and new ones will appear, said Rare in a blog post. New rewards include the attractive Soulflame cosmetics set, which offers pirates a ghoulish glow for their weapons and lantern. Pirate Legends, meanwhile, can unlock the matching set for their ships as well.

On the storefront, new skeletal pets have come to the Pirate Emporium, including a Skeleton Pirate and Skeleton Monkey. Those who aren't interested in the challenges or don't have Pirate Legend status just yet can instead buy the Soulflame set in the store, easier than downing a tankard of grog. All of this can be seen in the new trailer below. 

Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned is available now as a free update for players across Xbox One, PC, and Android.

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