Pokémon GO has Reached $1 Billion in Revenue This Year

Pokémon GO has Reached $1 Billion in Revenue This Year

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Pokémon GO has had its best year ever. 

Pokémon GO has had a record year. According to Sensor Tower, Pokémon GO generated $1 billion in the first 10 months of 2020. This is the best that the game has performed since it launched in 2016. In its debut year, the game generated more than $832 million. Revenue dropped in 2017 by 29%, with the game generating $589 million. Since then, the game's revenue has increased year by year, culminating into 2020. 

Pokémon GO's impressive year came amidst the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Developer Niantic implemented a number of features throughout the year that allowed gamers to play the game from home, following the social distancing rules that have been enacted across the country. This includes items that allows players to participate in Raids remotely, and longer Incense durations. Throughout the year the game has held a number of events that players could participate in from the safety of their homes. 

Pokémon GO has brought in close to $4.2 billion since it released. Players in the United States were the biggest spenders, hitting $1.5 billion spent so far, with Japan coming in second with $1.3 billion spent. Google Play accounts for much of the game's revenue, bringing in $2.2 billion all together. The App Store on the other hand has brought in $1.9 billion since the game released. 

It has also been revealed that Pokémon GO has generated almost 600 million unique installs worldwide so far. The United States leads in downloads, accounting for 109 million installs. Brazil follows with 65.2 million downloads so far. Google Play leads for a majority of Pokémon GO's downloads, with close to 466 million installs coming in from the platform. The App Store has brought in 132 million downloads. 

Pokémon GO is available now for mobile devices. 

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