Ghostrunner Releases on Switch This Month

Ghostrunner Releases on Switch This Month

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We now know when Ghostrunner will release for the Nintendo Switch. 

It has been announced that Ghostrunner will release on the Nintendo Switch next week. The game was originally meant to release alongside the game's other systems, but was delayed. According to a press release (via GameSpot), Ghostrunner will release for the Switch on November 10th. The game has been tuned to take full advantage of the Switch hardware, which should deliver a smooth experience. It was also announced that those who pick up the Switch version of Ghostrunner by December 10th will receive two exclusive katanas to use in-game. 

Ghostrunner is a fast-paced first-person action title set within a grim, cyberpunk world. Ghostrunner has players take on the role of an android ninja who can use a combination of abilities and its katana to slice through a number of foes. The game grants players a wide range of movement abilities, including wall running, sliding, and time manipulation. The title also features a one-hit kill mechanic that helps the action stay fast and intense. 

While players will be outnumbered in Ghostrunner, they will never be outclassed. Gamers can use their superhuman reflexes to dodge bullets, and their techniques to slice up their army of enemies. Gamers are challenged to use these abilities in order to stay alive, as they only have one hit point. This means that if they make a wrong move, then it will be game over for them. Luckily, Ghostrunner does provide frequent checkpoints, keeping the players from having to pick up too far back when they die (and die they will). 

Ghostrunner is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will make its way over to the Nintendo Switch on November 10th. The currently holds a Strong OpenCritic Rating, with a Top Critic Average of 82. 

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