New Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Update Adds a Level Made Up of Fans

New Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Update Adds a Level Made Up of Fans

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A new update is on the way for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

An update for Fall Guys will be released soon, and is entitled the Fan Big Yeet Little update. One of the biggest additions to the game through the update is a new level. The level is made up of giant fans for players to jump on as they race to make the finish. Many of the fans have the spinning, pink bars that Fall Guys veterans have come to know, and are continually spinning. The level will drop next week along with the rest of the update. 

Another big addition to Fall Guys through the Fan Big Yeet Little update is Lil Yeety. Lil Yeety is similar to Big Yeetus in that it randomly spawns throughout levels. Unlike Big Yeetus, Lil Yeety is very small and is hidden in levels. Like its big brother, the hammer is chaotic neutral, and can both help and deter beans. The new update will also include a number of bug fixes. There will be a new naming system, and new level variations. 

Earlier this week a Godzilla costume was added to Fall Guys. The costume was meant to celebrate Godzilla Day, which falls on November 3rd, the same day that the original movie starring the kaiju released. The costume costs ten crowns to purchase. Another licensed costume was released as well. Last month a costume based off of Sonic the Hedgehog was released. The costume comes in two parts: one that shows off Sonic's hair, and another that features his signature red sneakers. Each piece of the Sonic costume costs five crowns, meaning players will have to spend ten crowns total in order to dress up as the Blue Blur. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and the PlayStation 4. 

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