A New Level is On the Way for Phasmophobia

A New Level is On the Way for Phasmophobia

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A new level is on the way for Phasmophobia

On Twitter, developer Kinetic Games tweeted an image of the Trello board dedicated to Phasmophobia. The tweet shows a part of the "In Progress" section with the words "Make a Prison level." No other information was given for the level, including when we can expect it to drop. 

The Trello board for Phasmophobia also makes mention of a number of other things that in development for the game. There is mention of a Mansion level, as well as an apartment building. The board also mentions adding night vision goggles as an expensive item, as well as giving Ghosts the ability to throw objects at the player. Adding voices for when the Ghost is hunting is also on the board, which can be seen here

Last week Kinetic Games stated that there are no plans to add PvP to Phasmophobia any time soon. According to the developer, adding new game modes would turn the game into something completely different than what is currently planned. The game will remain 4v1 while it is still being balanced. Kinetic Games will then add new features around that style of gameplay. The developer stated that PvP was added to the Trello board in order to see what everyone's reaction would be to the feature. 

Kinetic Games also spoke on how long Phasmophobia will stay in Early Access. Originally the plan was for the game to be in Early Access for a short time, during which a few maps, ghost types, and equipment would be added to the title. However, due to the game's sudden popularity, the developer has changed their plans for how long the game will be in Early Access as they reconsider the game's future. 

Phasmophobia is currently available on PC through Early Access. 

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