Ghost of Tsushima Has Sold More Than Five Million Copies

Ghost of Tsushima Has Sold More Than Five Million Copies

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Ghost of Tsushima has sold more than five million copies since releasing just a few months ago, Sony has confirmed in a recent interview. Speaking with the New York Times, about the next generation of PlayStation, it was casually mentioned that Sucker Punch's latest open-world game has done quite well for itself.

Sony attributes much of its success over the last console generation to the popularity of its exclusive game franchises, including stalwarts like God of War (more than 51 million copies sold) and newcomers like Ghost of Tsushima, with more than five million copies sold since its debut in July.

This includes the nearly two million digital sales in the first month alone for Ghost of Tsushima. Sony has taken a novel approach to its post-launch support of Ghost of Tsushima. Just a few weeks ago, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends released, a totally free update which surprisingly added two- and four-player co-op multiplayer modes. In two-player mode, players can take on a range of new co-op missions, while in four-players, players can embark on a new raid which few likely ever expected to see in the game at all. There are even reasons to replay the experience, such as rare loot to hunt down.

The move could signal one way future PlayStation games keep players returning even if they don't launch with a multiplayer component. We know also that The Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer is being worked on currently and will launch at a later date, but other than that, Sony's 14 first-party studios largely work on cinematic first-person games, such as God of War Ragnarok and Horizon: Forbidden West. Such games, juggernauts as they are, may not fit a future vision where Sony can better take on Microsoft's Game Pass, which has been the industry leader in gaming subscription services for the past few years. 

Sony already has an equivalent in PS Now, but the differences, such as a lack of first-party games available at launch in PS Now, make Game Pass more attractive for some. It's hard to offer up your first-party games when they are one-off experiences like Sony's, but Legends and the overall success of Ghost of Tsushima, may indicate one possible future for PlayStation Worldwide Studios. Horizon: Forbidden West was rumored to involve a co-op element too, but it's not yet been revealed - if it's real at all.

As for the present, players upgrading to PS5 can enjoy Ghost of Tsushima and a wealth of other first-party games in up to 60 frames per second and improved resolution thanks to the new console's capabilities.  

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