Sega Wants to Release More of the Atlus Game Catalog on New Platforms

Sega Wants to Release More of the Atlus Game Catalog on New Platforms

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We may see more games from developer Atlus get ported. 

It seems that Sega is expressing interest in porting more games from Atlus' library of titles over to various new platforms. This comes after the success of Persona 4 Golden, which was released on Steam earlier this year and sold beyond Sega's expectations. Sega Sammy president and CEO Haruki Satomi expressed Sega's interest in porting more Atlus games during Sega's recent financial results briefing. 

"As for Steam, while we haven't been actively releasing Atlus titles on PC, we felt that there was much potential there and put out a direct port of Persona 4 Golden for PC, and the user response was far beyond our expectations," Satomi stated (translation via Gematsu). "That being said, we hope to release Atlus catalog titles across various platforms, whether as direct ports or in the form of remasters or remakes." 

Sega released Persona 4 Golden onto Steam earlier this year. The port was a success, as the game sold 500,000 copies in its first month, despite having been released on another platform before. According to Sega, sales of Persona 4 Golden were "significantly higher than expected." 

Persona 4 Golden is an enhanced version of Persona 4, which originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2008. Golden includes a number of additions to the original game, including new Social Links, a new dungeon, and new music for the game's soundtrack. Persona 4 Golden saw its original release in 2012 when it was dropped as an exclusive title for the PlayStation Vita. The success of Persona 4 and Golden led to two anime series, as well as a series of fighting games. There was also a rhythm game entitled Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which featured music from Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena, and Persona Q

Persona 4 Golden is available now for PC through Steam. 

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