A New Map has Been Teased for Among Us

A New Map has Been Teased for Among Us

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We got our first peek at Among Us' upcoming map. 

On Twitter, developer Innersloth released an image of the next map coming to Among Us. The image shows what looks like a cockpit or some kind of bridge. There are plenty of panels that players will probably have to use, as well as a vent. A second tweet was also released, telling gamers to tune in to the Game Awards next month, as things are "getting reaaaaal suspicious over there." 

Earlier this month a small patch was released for Among Us. During the patch announcement, Innersloth did reveal that they are working on the cheating and hacking going on in the game. The patch added a new anonymous voting option, which has all votes appear as grey, making it so players do not know is voting for whom. A few new taskbar modes were added to the game. Always mode is the default mode, Meeting mode only updates the taskbar when meetings take place, and Invisible mode erases the taskbar all together. The Comms sabotage now clears the security logs, symbols were added to the fix wires task, and cosmetics were added to the meeting screen. Finally, the patch made fixes to various bugs in the game. 

A mini roadmap has been revealed by Innersloth, letting gamers know what to expect from Among Us. The developer is hoping to get Accounts in the game by next month, which will make it easier for gamers to report those who are toxic or are hacking. Things like friendslists will come sometime after accounts are released. The new map that was teased today will be free for all players. The game is being translated to even more languages than what is available at the moment. Finally, the developer is working on colorblind support. 

Among Us is available now for PC and mobile devices. 

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