Massive Pokémon GO Update is on the Way

Massive Pokémon GO Update is on the Way

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A massive update is on the way for Pokémon GO.

Developer Niantic has announced a huge update that is on the way for Pokémon GO. Entitled GO Beyond, the update will release on November 30th, and will make a number of changes and additions. This includes a level cap increase. Those who have already hit the level cap of 40 will now be able to level up to 50. For those who have not hit level 40 just yet, a number of adjustments are being made to the various ways that XP is earned, which should help players reach the new level cap easier. 

One of the biggest things coming to Pokémon GO through the GO Beyond update is Seasons. Every three months, a new Season will begin. Different Pokémon will appear more often depending on which season players are in, as Pokémon GO will follow the season that player's region are currently experiencing. For example, the first Season for the Northern Hemisphere will have players encounter Pokémon related to winter. There will also be in-game events corresponding with the current Season. Different Mega-Evolved Pokémon will appear in Raids every Season. 

Seasons will bring changes to the GO Battle League. The GO Battle League will go from 10 to 24 ranks, with the top four ranks having all-new names and badges. The expanded ranks will also be accompanied by a new reward structure, which will give gamers more opportunities to earn exclusive rewards by ranking up. GO Battle Leagues will be tied to the theme of the current Season, and will rotate formats every new Season. 

Pokémon GO's first Season will begin on December 1st, and will be called the Season of Celebration. During this time, Pokémon from the Kalos region will begin appearing in the game. During the Season, there will be a number of in-game events featuring Pokémon first discovered in different regions. At the end of the Season of Celebration, there will be a brand-new global event experience. 

Finally, an event called the 12 Days of Friendship will begin today, and will last until November 30th. During the event, friendship levels will increase faster than normal when opening gifts, trading Pokémon, or battling together. Players will receive an attack boost when they battle in raids with friends, and will receive increased XP when completing Raids. Players will also be able to open more gifts every day. Players will earn twice the XP from catching Pokémon from now until December 31st. Those who reach level 40 by December 31st will receive some awards. This includes a Legacy 40 medal, as well as Timed Research that will reward the Gyarados Hat avatar item. 

Pokémon GO Is available now for mobile devices. 

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