DayZ Update 1.10 Adds New Shelters, Vehicles, and Broken Legs

DayZ Update 1.10 Adds New Shelters, Vehicles, and Broken Legs

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The latest content update for DayZ has arrived, and with it comes a slew of new items like shelters, vehicles, and clothing for survivors to sport in the harsh world. Just because you're only a moment away from death doesn't mean your outfit can't kill, right?

For starters, a host of vehicle features have arrived. The M3S truck has returned, not just in drivable form, but also in scrap from where players can take from the abandoned vehicle to repair one they have. All vehicles in the game now have better durability, and you can even repair the chassis or the engine with epoxy putty or a pipe wrench, respectively, unless your engine is totally shot. Then you're screwed, but you're probably used to that in DayZ. Sorry to the ghost riders, but you won't be able to jump out of a moving vehicle and evade the rightful harm to your character. It's going to hurt, Bohemia Interactive has revealed, so come to a stop next time.

As for shelters, they come in three varieties: stick, tarp, and leather, and yes that's a hierarchy from worst to best. They offer protection from the cold, harsh rain as well as storage space for items you may find. Bohemia also promised cold mornings and warmer afternoons are more realistic now, as part of the update's focus on more realistic weather patterns. This extends to newly altered wind speeds depending on your elevation.

Players can now contain heat from fireplaces, albeit temporarily. Different clothing will absorb that warmth better than others and those stats are now shared on your inventory screen, so bundle up for the cold. 

It's never easy in DayZ, and the return of leg fractures and makeshift splints further proves that. "Legs can be broken in all kinds of situations, including combat, stepping on a bear trap, falling or jumping from a great height, and even while jumping out of a car," reminded the team, almost gleefully. "Keep in mind that if you don’t fix a fracture with a splint, you will suffer limited movement, as well as frequent shock damage, which can render you unconscious."

The signal pistol has returned to the game as well, while the longevity of items has been lowered "dramatically" (gulp) and locked doors will now stay locked during server resets. 

DayZ Update 1.10 is now available on all platforms, including new-gen consoles thanks to backward compatibility on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. For the full patch notes, check here for PC and here for consoles.  


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