Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA is a Music-Puzzle VR Game About Saving the Environment

Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA is a Music-Puzzle VR Game About Saving the Environment

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Two genres often underdeveloped for are music games and VR games, but Boston's ROTU Entertainment is looking to check both niches of their list with one game, Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA

IONIA is intended to be the first in a series of games under the Rhythm of the Universe banner, which will use musical theory to solve VR puzzles about protecting the environment. The game is due out in the middle of next year on Oculus Quest, PSVR, and other PC virtual reality headsets. IONIA's world is one of "otherworldly" forests and instrument-inspired flora and fauna, but future games in the series are said to take on different aesthetics. In total, seven games are planned in the Rhythm of the Universe series. 

Gameplay in IONIA consists of quite a wide range of activities, with the focus being on interacting with the musically-inclined natural world around you in VR. 

"The world is alive with the sounds of music as hands-on interactions between VR controllers and denizens of the woods send sharp drum beats, soft bell tones, and other good vibrations humming through the air. Carve a path into a jungle teeming with life to save the Harpa, a mythical being facing peril."

Players will climb trees, zipline across trenches, collect supplies, and solve puzzles using music-based magic in order to uncover the secrets of the world and its denizens. The game was planned for an earlier launch but was delayed to ensure a simultaneous launch across the many various VR platforms. 

The eco-friendly message is such a driving force behind the game that ROTU Studio will donate 2% of all proceeds from the game's sales toward Wildlife Warriors, a charity organization created by Steve Irwin's family which protects injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife. It will also be rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, signaling its intent to be an engaging, family-friendly game. You can see more of the game in this cinematic trailer ahead of the game's Q2 2021 launch.


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