Temtem Will Release on the PlayStation 5 Next Week

Temtem Will Release on the PlayStation 5 Next Week

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We now know when Temtem will release for the PlayStation 5. 

It has been revealed that Temtem will release for the PlayStation 5 on December 8th through Early Access. In a FAQ for the game, it was revealed what gamers can expect for the console version of the game. When the title releases on the PlayStation 5, players will have access to four islands, which includes 30 hours of story content, with more to do on the side. There will be 100 Temtem, along with and ultra-rare Luma Temtem. There will be cross-play with PC, as well as online co-op. Players will be able to take on weekly challenges, as well as ranked matchmaking. They will also be able to customize their character and housing. 

Developer Crema also revealed what PlayStation 5 owners can expect from Temtem throughout the Early Access period. Two more islands will be added, along with 61+ Temtem. There will also be Mythical Temtem. There will an auction / trading house. Players will be able to participate in Club Wars, Temtem's version of clan PvP, and in-game tournaments. There will be a Nuzlocke mode for those who want a challenge. Crema teased that there will be other features coming to the game throughout Early Access as well, but that those features are a secret for now. 

Temtem will cost $39.99 in Early Access, though it can be pre-ordered for $37.49. The Deluxe Edition will cost $59.99, or $57.49 for those who pre-order. The Standard Edition will cost $44.99 when it fully releases, while the Deluxe Edition will run for $64.99. 

Crema also revealed that all progress made in Early Access will carry over to the full game when it releases. The game will have trophies when it fully launches. There will be no cross-progression or cross-save features during Early Access, though Crema did state that they will try to implement those features later down the road. Temtem will run at 4K and 60 FPS when Early Access launches, while a "Performance" mode that will allow the game to run at 120 FPS on lower resolutions is being considered for a later date. While the whole game is playable with a DualSense controller, PlayStation 5 users will also be able to use a mouse and keyboard to play the game. 

Temtem is available now for Steam through Early Access. The game will make its way over to the PlayStation 5 next week. 

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