Spellbreak Is Adding Story Missions to Its Battle Royale Matches

Spellbreak Is Adding Story Missions to Its Battle Royale Matches

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If you were wondering about the lore behind the fantasy battle royale game Spellbreak, the latest free update is just for you. On December 15, the game's first major update, Chapter 1: The Spellstorm, will introduce new story missions that play out in the middle of battle royale matches. 

“Chapter 1: The Spellstorm is really the launching pad for a truly innovative Battle Royale experience that blends together storytelling and gameplay,” said Seth Sivak, CEO of the Boston-based Proletariat. “Not only are players going to get a fun way to experience more of the Spellbreak universe but also weeks of engaging content complete with some awesome rewards.”

The game's setting of The Hollow Lands is in an "ever-changing state of ruin" thanks to the Spellstorm and the ensuing Fracture event. It's these and other story beats players will explore in Chapter 1. The Vowbreakers are on a mission to recover artifacts which may help them undo the Spellstorm and reclaim The Hollow Lands, and it's through this pivotal struggle that players will take part in 12 weeks of free story-driven quests that will change the landscape, perhaps literally, of Spellbreak.

Players will also get to explore the new Deadmoss as Castle Bogmore and its surrounding region has been "completely overhauled with vastly improved environments and points of interest."

Alongside all of this, the game will make its Steam debut on the same day as the title update, December 15. You can check out the Steam page and wishlist it here. Currently, Spellbreak is available just about everywhere else, including Epic Games Store Early Access, Xbox Game Preview, PS4, PS5, and Switch. The update is free for all players.

Though it's still just in Early Access, Spellbreak has been reviewed a few dozen times already from journalists on OpenCritic, who have collectively given it a "Strong" 76 average, with 71% of reviewers recommending the game for play.


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