Cult Horror Devotion Isn't Coming Back After All

Cult Horror Devotion Isn't Coming Back After All

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Update: has tweeted that the game will no longer be coming to its digital store after all.

"Earlier today, it was announced that the game Devotion is coming to GOG. After receiving many messages from gamers, we have decided not to list the game in our store."

The move is a deeply confounding one. GOG had to expect blowback from some folks who did this to the game on Steam as well, so to cave after roughly three hours of that criticism really leaves everyone on the outside scratching their heads, if not downright frustrated. We'll update this story again if we learn more.

Original Story: Red Candle Games, the Taiwanese team behind one of 2019's most beloved horror games, Devotion, has revealed the delisted game is returning to digital stores, though it will be exclusive to one platform.

Devotion will be back exclusively on beginning this Friday, December 18. It will once again be sold for $16.99 as it was on Steam before being removed. The game was delisted just a week after launch when some Chinese players protested the game's depiction of China's President Xi Jinping. This led to the game being review-bombed and eventually removed from stores. 

Because of that, it's received a strong cult following from horror fans who have either vouched for the game's excellence when so many never got to play it, or in more cases, became ever more curious if they ever would get the chance. On Twitter, Red Candle Games humbly announced that chance.

"Hello friends, we want to share with you– Red Candle will publish #還願Devotion on Dec 18 on GOG.

The content and the price of the re-release remains the same, for $16.99 / €13.99

Thank you for your trust and support. We wish you a happy end of the year"

Horror fans or just those worried about game preservation will get a win this week once the game is restored, not just at the same price, but with all its original content. Devotion is the follow-up to the team's previous horror Detention which launched in 2017 to "Strong" reviews on OpenCritic. Today it has an 81 average score from 33 reviews, while Devotion scored even better with an 83 from 15 critics. 

Red Candles Games' next game is in development, the team previously announced, though no further details are known quite yet. Devotion will arrive on GOG this Friday.



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