Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Gets Patched for a Smoother VR Experience

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Gets Patched for a Smoother VR Experience

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was one of the biggest VR games of 2020, and it's getting a bit bigger with a few recent patches. Since the game launched last week, Medal of Honor has already been updated three times, with each patch adding quality-of-life additions and tweaks to serve the virtual reality community a better game. From new "smooth turning" options for player movement to a louder "ping" sound for the M1 Garand, here's everything new to the game across a few recent versions.


  • New “Smooth Turning” Option
  • Streamlined Mission Progression
  • Quartermaster Area Changes
  • All Videos in the Gallery are Unlocked from the Start
  • Louder M1 Garand “Ping” Sound


  • New Option for Controller-Oriented Movement
  • New Video Options
  • Even More Streamlined Gameflow
  • Star Ranks Off by Default for New Players
  • Arm Sleeves Now Hide When Close to Player Eyes


  • New Options to Hide Your Torso and Cuffs
  • New Full-View Sniper Scopes
  • Sniper Rifle Zoom Button
  • Multiplayer “Quick Match” Playlist Now Cycles All Maps and Modes
  • Oculus Native Mode Support On Steam
  • Lower Min-Spec NVIDIA GTX 1080

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond comes from Respawn Entertainment, the EA studio that has recently been unable to do wrong by players or their parent company. Last year was especially strong, with Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order endcapping a brilliant year for the team. 

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond hasn't been the smash hit one might've expected as a platform-exclusive VR game from a studio such as Respawn. After a dozen reviews, it currently sits with a "Fair" 66 average, with players citing some interesting decisions in both the story mode and multiplayer offset by frustrations. These recent patches seek to redeem the game in the eyes of incoming or returning players, and if nothing else, seem to do a number of important moves toward making the game more enjoyable to use inside the headset.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a VR exclusive on Oculus and it's available now.


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