Genshin Impact's Newest Character Releases This Week

Genshin Impact's Newest Character Releases This Week

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A new character is being introduced to Genshin Impact.

On January 12th, Genshin Impact's next event banner will bring a new playable character to the game (via GameSpot). The character is Ganyu, a bow-wielding cryo character. The Ganyu banner is called "Adrift in the Harbor," and will come with her story quest, "Sinae Unicornis Chapter." The story quest will unlock at the same time as her banner, and will have a level requirement of Adventure Rank 40. The quest does require a Story Key in order to unlock it. Ganyu's event banner will end on February 2nd. 

Genshin Impact's new character event will also include a new weapon banner and other features. During the event, players will have boosted drop rates for Xingqui, Xiangling, and Noelle. The weapon banner will feature boosted rates for the 5-star weapons Amos' Bow and the claymore Skyward Pride. There will also be boosted rates for 4-star weapons Sacrificial Sword, The Bell, Dragon's Bane, Eye of Perception, and Favonius Warbow. Players will be able to test out Ganyu and Xinqui in new "test run" stages to earn rewards such as Primogems and upgrade materials. 

Genshin Impact's 1.2 update released last month. The update added a new area to the game: Dragonspine. The new area is filled with various puzzles, as well as new quests and mechanics. One of these new mechanics is the Subzero Climate feature. While in the new area, players will continually accumulate Sheer Cold. When Sheer Cold finally reaches its limit, characters will begin losing health. Players will also find the Frostbearing Tree. Scattered across Dragonspine are Crimson Agates, which can be offered to the tree. Leveling up the Frostbearing Tree will grant rewards such as a wind glider and various blueprints.  

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. Another event is currently going on in the game that gives players the chance to get a seelie pet. The event will last until January 21st. 

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