Tetris Effect announced for PSVR & PS4

Tetris Effect announced for PSVR & PS4

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As part of the PlayStation Countdown to E3, it has been revealed that Tetric Effect is coming to PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4. The game, developed by the studio behind Rez and Lumines, is expected to be released in Fall 2018.

The game has been inspired by a Harvard study and "is designed to maximize the magical, scientifically-proven aspect of Tetris that it's named after".

Maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself after playing previous Tetris games (I know I have) — you see a bunch of bricks or crates stacked and unconsciously start imagining how to move them to fit together and “clear” them.Or while you stare at the ceiling about to fall asleep, you “see” those iconic Tetris shapes falling in your mind’s eye.That’s what researchers call the Tetris Effect.

The trailer, seen below, was 100% made with in-game assets and will be "the hper-addictive puzzler you know and love, and at the same time, unlike any Tetris -- or any game -- you've seen before".

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