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Insider Says Two More Zelda Remasters Are Coming to Switch This Year

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After yesterday's Nintendo Direct failed to produce multiple Zelda projects coming to Switch, some fans were left disappointed. Rumors swirled that we would see a 35th Anniversary collection akin to last year's Super Mario celebration. Others said now is the time to catch the next glimpse of the Breath of the Wild sequel, but all the team had to offer was their on-screen apologies for not bringing anything new to the show, saying instead that they should be able to show more later in 2021.

With only The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD revealed for the hero in a green tunic's Switch prospects, it may be feeling a bit lackluster for some series fans, but VGC's Andy Robinson, a journalist who by now has proven his bona fides with regards to insider knowledge, says fans still have more to look forward to.

On Twitter, Robinson revealed two more Zelda games are still to come in 2021, the 35th anniversary of the franchise. 

"For those disappointed with the Skyward Sword remaster, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are 100% coming this year. So that's at least one good 3D Zelda."

Robinson's playful tease at two of the three games is secondary to the fact that he's breaking news with the reveal. It's not been confirmed by official sources, of course, but Robinson's word is reliable. On that front, similarly trustworthy insider Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat has gone the route of dousing some of the hype in cold water. 

A Zelda HD collection was never going to happen, my poor dear Zelda fans. They've HD Updated most of those games already and will almost sell them all separately. Maybe a 2D/handheld collection.

So it seems for now at least, Skyward Sword is all Nintendo is ready to reveal, and though it seems more 3D Zelda remasters are coming to Switch this year, there's nothing official yet, and seemingly nothing planned in terms of a bundle. For more about the Skyward Sword HD reveal, don't miss our coverage from yesterday. 


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