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Everspace 2 Charts Its 2021 Roadmap for Early Access Players

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With the grand space-faring adventure now in Early Access, Rockfish has outlined the 2021 roadmap fans can expect for Everspace 2. On the docket are milestones for upcoming star systems, fast travel abilities, new companion characters, new story content, and new player-controlled ships to obtain.

One of the new star systems, Zharkov, will let players "get to the core of Grady & Brunt's shady business operations when infiltrating their ranks and learning about G&B's dark secrets." New starships including the Vanguard and Bomber are on the way, and they were revealed first to Kickstarter backers alongside Zharkov star system and Cave Crawlers, new alien lifeforms that players will encounter on their trans-galactic travels.

While these are some of the highlights, the full roadmap is laid out more linearly. Beginning in April, the game will receive the aforementioned new starships, plus new story content teasing that players will reunite with "an old friend." New main and side missions, plus a new companion will also launch in April.

Over the summer, the Zharkov system will be introduced brining that G&B story content with it. The player cap will be raised as well, in order to keep up with the game;s most dedicated players.

In the fall, the fourth star system will arrive named Khait. That's also when fast travel will be introduced to the game, alongside another new companion, two new fighter subclasses, currently both listed as "REDACTED," and yet another level cap with yet more missions.

The full launch of Everspace 2 is currently scheduled for sometime in 2022 on PC. Console ports seem likely given the first game's trajectory, but this is merely a best guess for now.



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