Watch Dogs Legion Online Launches on March 9

Watch Dogs Legion Online Launches on March 9

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After a five-month wait, the online mode for Watch Dogs Legion is finally coming soon. Watch Dogs Legion Online will launch on March 9 for all platforms including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PC, and Stadia. It will, as promised, arrived as a free update for all players who already own the base game.

Watch Dogs Legion Online will allow for players to take part in co-op missions with up to three others, either through matchmaking or by inviting friends. Players can explore the open world of dystopian London together, run through one-off missions, tackle challenges on the way to leveling up their season pass, and in the game's centerpiece mode, take on very difficult Tactical Ops missions.

Tactical Ops are multi-stage story-driven missions that will test players' mettle and teamwork. Some missions will split up your squad into two teams of two, demanding players work together both in their pairs and as a complete foursome. Communication will be key in Tactical Ops as some objectives will require synchronization between team members, like using keys at the same time from across the city. As a result, Tactical Ops take the standard co-op mission structure a step beyond and Ubisoft encourages players to stay in game chat and work together to take down these difficult missions.

Also available at the launch of Watch Dogs Legion Online is Spiderbot Arena, a third-person shooter mode that pits four players in a smallish arena with great verticality and weapon pick-ups like an old-school shooter from the 90s. Players will compete for the top score each round and can unlock new cosmetics for their spiderbots to display in-game.

Much of what makes Watch Dogs what it is will transition smoothly into the online mode, like recruiting Operatives with their own custom skills, upgrading their tech, and even mourning their permadeaths. Thankfully, in the online modes, there will be a short revive timer where teammates can save one another from the tragic fate of losing a beloved Operative.

Watch Dogs Legion Online arrives in just a few weeks and previews are appearing all around the internet today from journalists who got to go hands-on recently ahead of launch.

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