Hitman 3's February Patch has Dropped

Hitman 3's February Patch has Dropped

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Hitman 3's first major patch has been released. 

On the Hitman 3 website, it was revealed that the game's first major patch has been released across all platforms. The patch is between 2-3 GB on all platforms. It is important to note that those playing Hitman 3 on the Nintendo Switch or Google Stadia do not need to download the patch, as they will gain access to the contents of the patch when they launch the game. 

The Hitman 3 February patch will be adding new content. The Tactical Turtleneck is now available to unlock, and will be usable at any location that allows players to choose the suit. In order to unlock the Tactical Turtleneck, players will have to return to the ICA Facility and complete The Final Test. Those who own the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack will gain access to new content this month. This includes the White Custom Sieger 300, the White Katana, Emetic Grenade, and Emetic Pen Syringe. 

Hitman 3's latest patch also makes a number of adjustments and bug fixes. Changes and fixes have been to many of the game's locations, including Mendoza, Argentina and Berlin, Germany. There were also improvements made to the menu, UI, and HUD. There were also changes made to the PSVR version of the game. All of the changes made to Hitman 3 through the February patch can be seen here

Hitman 3's first Elusive Contract will drop soon. The Contract will be made available on February 26th, and will last until March 8th. Elusive Contracts only allow players to try once, and only within the Contract's time window. While the Elusive Contract will be locked away if players fail or miss the time limit, many do reappear at later dates. 

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and the Nintendo Switch. 

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