Another Eden Is the Next Game from the Writer of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7

Another Eden Is the Next Game from the Writer of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7

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With a resume that includes Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7, and Ninja Gaiden 3, Masato Kato's next game is appropriately going to be highly anticipated. Now we know what it will be. Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Space and Time is coming to Steam this spring.

Another Eden stars Aldo, a boy from a small village who is thrust 800 years into the future where he discovers a plot to destroy the world. With his party members by his side, Aldo can travel through "antiquity, present, and future" to save space and time. The game will feature a massive 100+ party members for recruitment,  each of whom can introduce special combos and abilities to the game's turn-based fighting system.

With dungeons, side quests, and a lengthy main story, Another Eden is said to offer hundreds of hours of content. The music may prove similarly nostalgic for JRPG fans, as the main theme is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer for Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears

The PC release is an adaptation of the more succinctly titled Another Eden which has been downloaded more than five million times on mobile platforms to date. Players can enroll to play the game early by inquiring here. The more players wishlist the game, the more rewards players on both PC and mobile may receive. Rewards are as follows:

  • 1,000 wishlists: High Class Scroll x10 for all players
  • 5,000 wishlists: Chronos Stone x1,000
  • 10,000 wishlists: 10 Allies Tickets - "Destiny Token" 

No firm release date has yet been revealed, but the game is on track to launch on Steam sometime this spring. 

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